Your attention to the financial needs of the Alumni Association has been instrumental in the success we have enjoyed year after year.  The common concerns you as alumni have demonstrated have allowed us to support the Active Order and continue as an important component of service to the University of Rio Grande.  The alumni association has successfully been designated as a charitable organization under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Because of this, certain contributions to Archon are now tax deductible.  Donations made to Archon for projects at the University, the continued endowment of our scholarship fund, and other charitable projects we undertake are tax deductible.  This same charitable status is a driver (no pun intended) for your active participation and sponsorship in our Archon Classic.

2016 offers challenges to both the active and alumni orders.  Please participate by completing the invoice found below and returning it in a timely manner.

Please join us in carrying forward the spirit of common interest and Strong Bonds we share.  Lets get our focus back on Archon, back on the Active Order, and on making Archon what is has been, and what it needs to be.

The 2015 Financial Report is now available on our newly rebuilt web site

Starting this year (2016) the yearly membership dues can be paid annually, for 10 years, or for lifetime.

Yearly dues remain the same                                                                              $50.00

10 year dues                                                                                                           $250.00

Life time dues                                                                                                         $500.00

As you can see by donating the longer term membership rates there is a considerable savings. **All donations are tax deductible. **

See you at May Day.


Aaron Salisbury