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The history of the Fraternal Order of Archon began at Rio Grande College in the school year, 1957-58. A group of college men, numbering thirteen, with a common bond of similar interests, ambitions and intentions sought to formalize and preserve their association by creating a fledgling organization known as Beta Rho Gamma, the “Brothers of Rio Grande”. The thirteen who laid this effective foundation were joined in the next school year by five others of similar orientation, and thus, the Fraternal Order of Archon was created. The original thirteen members of the Fraternity are honored to this day with the title “Founder”.  See more…

Staying Connected

Think life as an Archon Brother ended when you graduated?  Not a chance!  The Archon Alumni group is committed to keeping you connected to your brothers.Please help us keep you informed on news and events, specifically designed for you.

Archon Van
Archon Van 1968

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