Archon Flag

The history of the Fraternal Order of Archon began at Rio Grande College in the school year, 1957-58. A group of college men, numbering thirteen, with a common bond of similar interests, ambitions and intentions sought to formalize and preserve their association by creating a fledgling organization known as Beta Rho Gamma, the “Brothers of Rio Grande”. The thirteen who laid this effective foundation were joined in the next school year by five others of similar orientation, and thus, the Fraternal Order of Archon was created. The original thirteen members of the Fraternity are honored to this day with the title “Founder”.


“Archon” was chosen as the name because that was a title from the ancient Greek which was appropriate only to a leader among peers. The formal name ( the corporate name registered with the office the Secretary of State of the State of Ohio ) is the Fraternal Order of Archon. The Greek letter reference is AXN, or Alpha Chi Nu. In the early years of the Fraternity, as is the case today, the individual member was and is most often referred to by those outside the membership as “ … he’s an Archon”. What a tribute to the individual in those early years; what a proven fact today! When the organization is referred to as “Archon”, it is a reference to the fact that it is “always first” among campus organizations.

The Fraternity was given its recognition by the Rio Grande College Board of Trustees in March, 1959. Since that date, it has operated continuously as an organization contributing to the evolving spirit and traditions of the institution. No other campus organization approaches such a long and distinguished heritage.

Archon very early on set the tone for quality social events which were of major benefit to the membership, and also for the campus community in general. An invitation to an Archon social event, particularly Homecoming, May Day, Saint Patrick’s Day and the many casual events, was for many a hallmark of the school year!

The Founders of the Fraternity felt strongly that an Archon should work in service to the College on whose campus it operated. It is, therefore, no small wonder that actives and alumni members alike have made many contributions of service and significant resources to Rio Grande. Since the founding in 1957, members have served the institution as trustees, administrators, and faculty; and in no small measure these contributions continue to this day. This enviable record is without peer among campus organization!

No history of the Fraternal Order of Archon is ever complete. History is constantly being made by the continuous stream of young men entering the Fraternity, becoming imbued with the fraternal spirit, completing their degree objectives, and embarking upon making their mark in the broader world. However, a history of the Fraternity would be incomplete without some reference to the many alumni who have not only brought honor to themselves and their college, but also to their Fraternity, as well. The “longest shadow” of Rio Grande is in the field of education. It is only logical that numerous Archon alums have distinguished themselves in that field as career teachers, coaches, counselors, principals and superintendents. Several of the alumni have carved successful and productive careers at a variety of colleges and universities.

To be sure, the Fraternity can be proud its many other alums who have risen to positions of state, national and international importance in business, industry, government, and social service. While it might be difficult to prove, it is very doubtful that any other campus organization could boast of such distinguished record!

Truly, the Fraternal Order of Archon has a distinguished history and list of accomplishments. One can only wonder what kind of premonition the Founders had when they chose the name…“Archon… always number one; always first!